Please help my pastor learn the Word so he can help me to learn it, too.

Pastors in Latin America have a burning desire to learn the Word of God,
but they lack the financial resources needed to help them study.

Your gift of $30 a month sponsors a pastor in our Bible Institute
program. In one year, he receives his certificate in pastoral studies
and will know how to preach, minister, and lead more effectively.
Pastors who show promise in their studies may earn a three-year theology

By the way, these pastors are

*already in ministry
*putting the lessons into practice the same week they receive them
*have families that they are also supporting
*often working for a low (or even no) salary
*simply lack the financial resources to study.

Our programs at Logos let the pastors stay at their churches. We’ve
been doing this for over 17 years. Our professors are proficient in
Spanish and in ministry and they understand the needs of the pastors in
the field.

Our best missionaries are the national ones who already know their
culture and are already winning their own people to Christ.

Will you help us to sponsor some pastors today so that they can live out
their calling more effectively?

Honduras El Salvador Guatemala

Help us sponsor 100 pastors this year….

Donate here…

Contacts for more information:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dean of International Affairs

Dr. Paul Heier




Executive Office

Dr. Roberto Sánchez

904-398-3700 Ext. 101



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